Radiology is the medical specialty, which is responsible for generating images of the interior of the body through different physical agents (X-rays, ultrasounds, magnetic fields, among others) and to use these images for diagnosis and, to a lesser extent, for the prognosis. and the treatment of diseases.

In the dental area, a distinction is made between intraoral and extraoral radiographic techniques.


Intraoral techniques

The intraoral techniques can be:

  • Periapical techniques: in them it is possible to observe both the crown and the periapical bone tissue.
  • Coronal techniques: they allow to observe the crown of the tooth.
  • Occlusal techniques: by occlusion.


Extraoral techniques

  • They allow to observe lesions outside the oral cavity, at the level of paranasal sinuses, ATM, fractures in the maxillary bones, among others.