El objetivo es crear confianza al sonreír consiguiendo una armonía facial entre labios, dientes, colores, texturas y formas, devolver el aspecto sano y joven a la apariencia facial.

Smile design

The smile design focuses on aspects such as the shape of your face, personality and specific features. Its purpose is to offer whiter, brighter teeth with the correct alignment, giving you more confidence and pleasure when smiling.

Teeth whitening

One of the main concerns regarding dental appearance is the darkening of our teeth due to age, diet, medication and devitalization of them. After evaluation by the dentist to be a candidate or not, a hygiene is performed and then the bleaching product is applied, which clarifies the structure from inside (dentin). It is advisable to obtain better results to continue some home bleaching as maintenance.
We use several techniques depending on your case and your needs, being able to make even one appointment.


They are thin sheets of porcelain or composite made to order, which are placed on the front of the teeth, covering the front and the edge of the same.
The veneers can solve different aesthetic aspects, such as: tone, shape, size and dental position, closing of spaces,
fracture, alignment and recover structure of worn teeth.