Doctor Carmen Canal

Dr. Gabriela Castillo, a dental surgeon, graduated in Dentistry from the Universidad Latinoamericana ULA incorporated into the National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM. She studied a diploma in implantology next to Dr. Molina Moguel, Mexico, she completed a Master in Implantology at the ESI School of Implantology in Barcelona and a postgraduate degree in Dental Aesthetics at the Spanish Society of Stomatological Prosthesis SCOE. Constantly updating.
Dedicated to dentistry for more than 25 years.
Close, friendly, passionate person, he likes to study, empathize with all people, always attentive and trying to excel and see for the people around him.
She loves her family, animals and loves to travel.
She is a member of the Official College of Odontologists of Girona and of the Catalan Society of Dentistry and Stomatology, as well as of the Spanish Society of Estomatological and Aesthetic Prosthesis and the Spanish Society of Periodontology and Osseointegration.

Doctor Carmen Canal

Dr. Carmen Canal, a graduate in dentistry from the International University of Catalonia, is passionate about her work and a lover of children, beauty and travel. She cares about his patients, she is close and offers an individualized treatment for each one of them.
She completed his dental studies at 22 years of age. Afterwards, he took a postgraduate course in Periodontology and at the end of it, she started / began the specialty of Orthodontics, completing a 3-year master’s degree alongside Dr. José Duran Von Arx.
She is also specialized in the Invisalign technique, having studied the plastic orthodontic master’s degree taught by Dr. Arturo Vela.
She traveled to the USA where he attended a clinical stay at UCLA (University of Los Angeles, California) in the hands of the renowned Dr. Woon Moon.
She attends annually the congresses of the SEDO (Spanish Society of Orthodontics) and is in continuous training to be always at the latest advances and new technologies in orthodontics.
She is a member of the Official Association of Dentists of Girona.

Doctor Helena Johé

Doctor Helena Johé, graduated in Dentistry from the University of Barcelona. He completed the race at age 22. Although he is a general odontologist, he has also been trained in pediatric dentistry. Currently, to continue expanding his knowledge, he is taking a master’s degree in Orthodontics and Orthopedics with Dentofacial Dr. Echarri. During her free time she likes to collaborate with social causes and has participated in dental volunteering programs. On a professional level, he is a very close person with his patients, dedicated and very dedicated. He is a member of the Official College of Odontologists of Girona.

Doctor Xabier Arévalo

Dr. Xabier Arévalo Varela, is a person who takes advantage of it every moment to seek innovative, minimally invasive techniques, seeking the balance of health. He is currently in close contact with myofunctional therapies and Kois technique.
He has a degree in dentistry from the National Autonomous University of Honduras UNAH, Doctor of Dental Surgery. He has a Postgraduate in Oral Medicine obtained from the University of Barcelona, a Postgraduate in Implant Dentistry and a Postgraduate in Clinical Periodontics from the University of Gothenburg, an Official Master in Research in Dental Sciences and is the Creator of the Dentalift® protocol.
Author and co-author of 5 chapters of the book “Manual de Odontología” editorial Masson, and several articles specialized in implantology in national and international journals.

Doctora Claudia Vázquez

Dr. Claudia Vázquez graduated in dentistry from the AlfonsoX el Sabio University in Madrid 18 years ago. She has worked in London, Buenos Aires, Santander and Ciutadella de Menorca. In her first years of professional career, she completed a postgraduate degree in Dental Aesthetics at SCOE and worked exclusively in aesthetic dentistry in a clinic in Barcelona. Since 2005, after completing the master’s degree in Neural Therapy and and Neurofocal Dentistry, which totally changed her way of understanding Health, she decided to travel two years through South America to continue learning with different doctors and dentists and collaborating in different social dentistry projects. with peasant communities and native peoples. Social dentistry has always been present in her career and has been part of projects such as Solidarity Dentistry, Planetary Action, in Barcelona, Dentist4Refugees, in Greece, and different projects in Mexico, Nicaragua and Argentina. She has been working holistically for more than 12 years integrating a wide variety of knowledge obtained in courses in neurocclusal rehabilitation, phytotherapy, kinesiology, psychoneurodontology and masticatory respiratory rehabilitation. And for two years the wonderful adventure of being a mother has begun. She adores plants, forests, the sea and mountains and dreams of planting a dental practice in a garden of aromatic plants.

Doctor Alberto Mendoza

Dr. Alberto Mendoza, a graduate in dentistry from the International University of Catalonia, is in love with his work and cares for his patients, studying the cases in depth in order to cover the expectations of each one of them.
He finished his dental studies at the age of 22. Subsequently, he completed a postgraduate in surgery and implantology taught by doctors Joan Grau and Joan Birbe.
He has done several studies and has presented some of them in Philadelphia (USA) in 2011, at the prestigious annual conference of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (AAOMS)
He attends courses assiduously with the intention of being in constant training and updating on the advances in the different fields of dentistry.
He is a member of the Official Association of Dentists of Girona and of the Catalan Society of Dentistry and Stomatology.

Doctor Ariadna Montero

Dr. Ariadna Montero, a graduate in Dentistry from the University of Barcelona, ​​is in charge of taking care of oral health for the youngest (0-18 years).
At the end of the Dentistry studies he began to study Odontopediatry, acquiring knowledge at the Odontological Hospital of the University of Barcelona, ​​at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, at the Children’s Hospital of Barcelona and at the Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia. He has also carried out dental volunteering tasks in children and adults. It is specialized in patients with baseline pathology, patients with special needs, dentistry for babies and to perform dental treatments under conscious sedation, deep and general anesthesia.
He regularly attends continuing education courses of his specialty, and is also engaged in research.
Its priority is to maintain or return oral health to the patient, making visits to the odontologist pleasant and bringing the children’s world to the clinic.

Speech therapist Paula Granyer

Paula Granyer is the center’s speech therapist, with her work complementing the treatments of dentists. He graduated in Logopedia from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with 22 years. Since then he has continued to make specific courses and formations and is part of the College of Logopedas of Catalonia. He is a specialist in myofunctional therapy and works to correct atypical swallowing, oral respiration, bad dental occlusion, speech disorders and rehabilitation after a lingual brake intervention. He likes to work with children and collaborate with families. During his free time he also dedicates himself to the world of leisure and cultural management.

Doctor Xavier Isern Pi

Dr. Xavier Isern Pi, graduated in dentistry from the International University of Catalonia in 2013. He is a professional completely dedicated to the patient, and during his studies he collaborated in programs to care for disabled patients and helping vocationally in the CAP of Figueres. Subsequent to his degree, he studied a postgraduate course in oral rehabilitation of prosthetics and aesthetics, another of bone regeneration in patients with severe bone loss and then spent the next three years studying a master’s degree in Implantology and Oral Periodontics at the University of Barcelona, ​​in who currently collaborates as an associate professor. Its dedication is exclusive in Periodontics and implantology, although it does not stop performing passionately other general dental treatments.
Presentation of multiple scientific posters, bibliographical reviews and oral communications in national congresses. He is a member of the Official Association of Dentists of Girona and of the Catalan Society of Dentistry and Stomatology.

Physiotherapist and Osteopath Roger Montsant

Roger graduated in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports from the University of Vic, specializing in health and teaching. Later, he graduated in Physiotherapy and complemented his scientific vision with a 4-year postgraduate degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at ESMTC. In constant training, he is specializing in Osteopathy at the Madrid School of Osteopathy, achieving a more complete and integrative vision of the human body. He has specialized in myofascial pain and in cranio-mandibular and TMJ disorders. As a physiotherapist, he combines all the knowledge acquired in order to help in dental, oral, muscular, joint and postural treatment. He is fascinated by the human body, listening to people, observing and empowering the patient.


Rebecca Rodriguez Pretel

Rebecca Rodriguez Pretel, born in Belgium in June 1994. Clinic assistant and hygienist with 7 years of experience in dental clinics and hospitals. Specialized in the area of surgery, periodontics, conservative dentistry, odontopediatria, orthodontics, hygienics and curetages. In the hospital setting, he has been in contact with emergencies, surgery, palliative, mental disorders and drug addicts. He has a diploma as a dialysis assistant and is constantly expanding his knowledge through courses. Polyglot of 5 languages, French, Portuguese, English, Spanish and Catalan. Their empathy and closeness provides a personalized treatment according to the needs of each patient. In his free time he likes to be with his family especially with his grandparents and enjoy the most of every moment. One of his hobbies is makeup and nail aesthetics!

Espe Moro Blanco

Espe Moro Blanco, responsible for administration and reception person at the Clinic.
Involved in the well-being of each person who enters the consultation, nearby and tries to give the best of itself in each patient.
In love with Girona its city, she likes to play sports and enjoy family and friends.

Elisabeth Moreno Jiménez

Elisabeth Moreno Jiménez, dental hygienist and clinical assistant. She finished her studies in 2017, is in continuous training.
Friendly and close treatment towards patients and their teammates. Animal lover which led her to get the title of ATV (veterinary technical assistant) in Barcelona in 2013. Among her many hobbies are meeting new people and places, hiking outdoors, spending time with her friends and her family !